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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Amsterdam Maximator Beer, not for me

I will drink anything... but this stuff was nasty. Do not get me wrong, on a desert island with an ugly bird this might be a savior.

This is one of the strange imports that show up in Costa Rica.

It was worth trying, but I would rather drink 5 times as much beer and take a few extra trips to the head, than have to drink this all night.

I saw a review by Rostise and Maverick, and loved the read... but I still despise the brew.

Side Note: I did buy three of them and drank them all; I didn't like it, but I did it. I am some hypocrite.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


I Miss A Good Pint Of Beer - Prequel to Beer of Costa Rica

As an ex-patriot living in Latin America, one of the questions that I always get is, "Is there anything that you miss?"

In the beginning, I would mention little things like "good deli meats," or "Diet Doctor Pepper." However, things have changed down here and I can get just about anything I want. Additionally, the honeymoon of "living in paradise" is over, and only the big ones count... In short, there is still a major deficiency that lurks: BEER.

I totally fucking miss beer, but not just beer- great beer; served out of a tap in a heavy glass pint; beer, stout, ale... ice cold, or just above room temperature.

I miss going to a bar or pub and watching the barman pull the Guinness tap and watch it pour and slowly separate like I am watching a documentary on the on the creation of Heaven and Earth.

I miss going to a random microbrewery, like Three Floyds, putting the beer menu on the table, and telling the server to "pick me a good one." Then, repeating the process as many times as I can until my the ability to make sense is lost, while making a good attempt to try every beer that they have on the menu.

Sure, we have beer here in Costa Rica, but let me assure you that I totally took great beer for granted.

Costa Rico offers a handful of national beers (upcoming post), and we also get a fair bit of European imports, but it just is not the same.

Well, off for a glass of Whiskey (Jameson 12 I think).

Next post (unless something really interesting happens)... Beers of Costa Rica