Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amsterdam Maximator Beer, not for me

I will drink anything... but this stuff was nasty. Do not get me wrong, on a desert island with an ugly bird this might be a savior.

This is one of the strange imports that show up in Costa Rica.

It was worth trying, but I would rather drink 5 times as much beer and take a few extra trips to the head, than have to drink this all night.

I saw a review by Rostise and Maverick, and loved the read... but I still despise the brew.

Side Note: I did buy three of them and drank them all; I didn't like it, but I did it. I am some hypocrite.


golu said...

The beer realy stand for it names, the BEER will Explorate you, and forward you to Navigate and there after get you to Maximate. keep on your good job.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the two joint brands, Navigator (about 8% of alcohol) and Maximator (the one you mentionned) are not my favorite too. There is something too sirupy about them that makes the unidentifiable taste even weirder. Personally, I like bitter drinks -- I'm a fan of gin tonic, and try to replace the original liquor with gin in popular cocktails (a gin white russian is excellent for example) -- and a beer I find really suitable is called Bavaria 8.6 Holland Beer (black can). It's a strong beer, but a little bitter and on the dry side. Not great, but definitely better than the Maximator/Navigator.