Thursday, May 1, 2014

Straw-lini - Strawberry Bellini Breakfast Cocktail


Breakfast cocktails are great, but somewhat limited. Perhaps it is social stigmas, or maybe there are just not enough people drinking in the morning. Nevertheless, few drinkers can argue that in the right circumstances there is nothing better than a fresh fruit cocktail in the AM (especially if you don't like tomato juice).

I am proud to boast that I have had THE Bellini at Harry's Bar in Venice. It was a real treat (thanks Tom J). Since then I have done my ghetto interpretation from time to time with the ingredients available. One year I even made them for New Year's eve if I recall correctly.

In Costa Rica, there are times of the year where Strawberries are plentiful and cheap (or fresas as they are called here). Strawberries are a perfect compliment to the dry sparkling wine.

I prepare the strawberry puree by putting washed ripe berries in my NutriBullet and blasting them for 30 seconds or so. Next give it a little taste and if it seems too tart or not sweet enough add a little table sugar (or simple syrup if you keep that around) and blast it again. I prefer to put then puree through a colander, but I have done it both ways. Prepare ahead of time and chill.

As for the sparking wine, the original recipe uses Prosecco, which is a dry Italian sparking wine, but any dry or extra dry sparkling wine will do just fine

General rule: 2 parts wine to 1 part puree
6 oz Dry Sparkling Wine
3 oz Strawberry Puree
Serve in a Champagne flute

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