Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Uprising of the Costa Rican Beer Lovers… AleLover.com

Since moving to Costa Rica, great beer has been an issue. I am sure I have wrote about it before in the few posts I have here, but I am very happy to say that things are changing.

Initially when I got here, I had no problem drinking one of Florida Ice & Farm's monopolized birras, in fact I still dont, however I am a beer lover; having 5 different types of vanilla ice cream is not the best scenario for an ice cream lover.

Years ago there was a place called K&S in Curridibat. The place was rundown and looked like a well lit strip-club without the strippers. The beer was was defiantly more interesting then the average Imperial and the like, but was not what I was looking for. I didn't return before they shut their doors for good as a brew pub. I have heard that some of their beers are still available, but I have not seen them.

Once, on a trip to Limon in a Maxi Restaurant at the end of the road in Manzanillo, I asked for tap beer, as I normally do, expecting Imperial. The waiter asked me if I wanted to have a red beer that they had on tap, I asked where it was from and he said, "Some crazy gringos make it." So I got it. For the first time in Costa Rica I tasted a full bodied beer with real flavor. Unfortunately that was the only time I was able to have that beer- whether they still exist or not, I have no idea, but I do remember that first sip well.

Eight years later, and we have seen everything changing. We have microbreeries, home brew stores, and gastro pubs. It's great!

In an attempt to start writing more and to document some of the great things that are happening here in Costa Rica (and elsewhere) I started yet ANOTHER blog: www.alelover.com

One of my main goals is to provide a resource for English speaking beer lovers when the tour Costa Rica. Like I said, there is some really cool stuff going on, and I want to make sure that those interested will be able to participate.

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